"My daughter with a woman's problem was mistreated"

About: Royal Bolton Hospital / Gynaecology

(as a relative),

Myself and my daughter and 2 toddlers attended the A and E yesterday upon advice of her doctor as she was severely bleeding and in agony and a and e due to there criteria would not give her an ultra sound scan as she did not test pregnant even though she had polycistic ovararian syndrome and was in severe agony she was sent home with codeine. The nurse she saw was very unpleasant!

The next day we went to the local doctors surgery and she immediately called an ambulance with a letter for her to give the M1 ward for ladies problems due to the severe pain and bleeding!

I feel one of the nurses in particular was really mean to my daughter and didn't give her any pain relief even though my daughter kept asking and the doctor said she could eat and drink.

And even though she was in severe agony after her scan they told her to vacate the bed and sit in the sitting room till the doctor looked at her results and after 3 hours no doctor came and she walked out to the entrance of the hospital to complain and ask the doctor for results! We still don't know them! She's in pain and bleeding with no pain relief and we feel that one of the nurses she saw was particularly unhelpful with her and made some some comments which we felt were inappropriate and upset my daughter.

I had been waiting near reception with my daughter's 2 toddlers and when my daughter came to reception. I spoke to the person on reception and they said when they came on the desk at 5 pm that they saw me with my daughters toddlers and they would vouch for how nice and quiet and well behaved they are! Me and the toddlers were in the ward and the previous mentioned nurse came and told me to take them out as they might disturb people. I don't live in Bolton so where was I to take them!

I was waiting for the doctor to say she could leave so we could all leave together and when I did leave the ward the nurse we were having problems with said that people were ringing their buzzers asking for our children to leave and she said that she might ring social services to take them for the night, even though I was with the kids near reception.

We think this is appalling treatment and we are going to pals!

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