"Wythenshawe Walk in Centre"

About: Manchester PCT

(as a friend),

My boyfriend has been off work for 5 days with a fever (complaining of flu like symptoms) and then with a very sore throat. Concerned that the sore throat was not getting better and that he was having great difficulty swallowing any good or liquid on the Saturday (day 6) I took him to Wythenshawe walk in centre as was concerned that he needed antibiotics.

I took him to the Walk In Centre where he was seen quite quickly. He was told that he had a viral infection (rather than bacterial) and that whilst they could see that his throat was inflamed that there was nothing they could prescribe due to it being viral and that he should rest and drink soluble paracetamol and Ibroprofen.

By the end of Day 8 I was becoming increasingly worried as his conditions were not getting any better only worse and he was now not eating anything due to the pain and hardly drinking.

I managed to get an emergency appointment on Monday morning with our local doctors surgery (day 8) only to find that he has been diagnosed with bacterial tonsillitis and has been prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets! I am livid that he could have been diagnosed and prescribed this on day 6 rather than him suffering so much for two more days. Plus if we had taken the advice of the walk in centre he would still be getting worse.

I am extremely annoyed and upset and this misdiagnoses.

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