"Did the lack of care cause my mum's death?"

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(as a relative),

hello please take some time to read this and reply.

My mother was admitted into hospital 2 weeks ago and unfortunately passed away a week ago. We think this is due to the careless nature of some of the nurses and doctors. First when we went to the doctor’s surgery in Slough, they diagnosed her with just a cough and we were sent away for 8 weeks. She was given an inhaler, but we went back as it was not good and caused reactions, but they gave us the same response again. When we went to the hospital a&e, as she was coughing up blood, we were sent back home.

For 1 week my mom was coughing up blood and even had an ambulance take her to hospital at 2am – but they just sent her home, saying she had breathing problems. After that the doctors gave her a letter to be admitted to hospital – then only did she go to the AMU, where she had the suspected diagnosis of TB.

After a while, she was moved into the paragon suite. There she received absolutely terrible treatment – from what we saw, most of the nurses did not seem to care about her. Nurses would take their time if she rang the bell and did not give much help. She told us herself the treatment was rubbish.

The doctors kept taking her blood and did not give her any more despite knowing she was low on blood, as she did die when blood was being taken out of her. She was said to have TB and being treated for that, but after we were informed her lungs collapsed and heart failed. Now after her 1st post-mortem, they have still not found the cause of death.

I now want to know how they did not know what she was suffering from, and why she was sent home so many times and not treated earlier? Why was the care so poor, and why were they taking her blood for tests, after taking so much and not caring to give her more? And why did her doctor’s surgery not send her to hospital when she was coughing up blood? And why the hospital were not caring for her on our first visit, when they took chest xrays, but sent her home anyway? Now what sort of care and hospital care is this?

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