"Poor help"

About: 188 The Practice

There is one receptionist who is always helpful and professional.

All others are rude, nosey and unhelpful.

Visiting a Dr should be a personal matter with the Dr - when asked what is the problem and replied I feel unwell and they want to know more - why?

They are not a Dr and it is none of their business - if you're lucky they will give you an appointment.

Otherwise they immediately suggest A and E, walk in or another surgery.

Why A & E?

Why offer an appointment in 3 weeks time when you don't feel well and need to see a Dr within 24 hours - if you can't drive because you don't feel well enough how are you meant to go to other surgeries.

There is no niceties at all.have been with this surgery for 54 years and it has deteriorated year by year,

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