"Mixed experiences at Colchester General"

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(as the patient),

Following my last blog I was back in hospital at the end of March (the day after I was sent home by Taxi) and via the same ambulance crew.

Thereafter it was finally clear to the powers that be, I urgently needed to have my bypass, rather than be forever waiting (3 years on waiting list). Whilst this was being arranged I caught a spiridiom bug, so I had no access to fresh clothes and such as after being confined to a side ward, Deham ward was isolated.

Finally after a miserable Easter etc I was able to go to Papworth and have my procedure in mid-April 2012. Trouble was, thereafter a chest infection found me stuck in the critical care isolation ward for over a week and then in Hughes Flemming Ward after over a week later to transfer to that ward deemed ok to go home.

This not before being told due to my home circumstances, I would have some, rehab, after a form filled was nullified I did another for rehabilitation - that too was defunct as having done a stairs test I was apparantly too mobile, however may well have to go back into Colchester General due to an ongoing chest infection - that too was nullified, so after a week with relatives, my 93 year old Mum in a care home, I went home.

2 weeks later back in Colchester I was kept waiting till late afternoon, saw a Doctor, had an xray - then told as soon as that was looked at and if clear I would be discharged. Finally at 21.20 a very apologetic Registrar did such - I asked about transport and he adressed the very same sister and Matron whom I heard say no, however he insisted as I had been kept waiting several hours he felt this should take place. However when Medicare arrived, my letter hadn't been done, so they looked in again later, to no avail, and then I was told they had been called to an emergency and that would be their last duty.

So when the taxi they subsequently called arrived, there was still no copy of discharge letter - and when that arrived they insisted I wait for the additional Isosorbide Mononitrate (2 weeks supply). I usually have to go back for something, and despite also suggesting I had some left from before my Triple Bypass, so having arrived home just this side of midnight - I paid the Taxi another 20 quid plus the waiting time.

Maybe I am paranoid but I cannot escape the feeling there was some deliberation involved, as I had made complaint before. Yes, I am grateful for the medical procedures and the general wonderful attendances of those working at ground level. However, I am less than happy with the crass ignorance of others and in my last attempt to highlight that laid down what is catagorised as Duty of Care, which has been sadly lacking after said procedures and is little of return for my 4 decades paying into the system, to view so much going down the drain in atrocious administration, and indeed being thrown back in the deep end having to (and morally willing to) continue my duty of care to a loved one - a total of 15 years full time.

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