"Terrible experience of miscarriage care"

About: North Middlesex Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I was pregnant with twins and I went to the North Mid for a check up because I was spotting for quite sometime.

Each time I went there they took blood but never let me know what's wrong. Over the next two weeks I was at the hospital every single day because I wasn't feeling well, and was sent away after I had blood tests done. I am living 5 mins away from the hospital.

I was getting very, very tired and weak even though I explain to then that I have several miscarriages in the past and I don't have any kids. My notes are with them so they can see all my doctors reports. Did they have any interest in that? No, I was basically left on my own in terms of trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

This day in question I decided to go to a private gynae doctor, as I walk through the doors the doctor could take one look at me and told me that I am really ill, she requested a blood test and she phone up North Mid Hospital straight away to find out what's the level of my blood count.

When I had it done the last time, my blood count was 0.5. She sent me back to North Mid to be admitted and ask for a blood transfusion, which they had denied. I was determined not to go home this time around. I told them they have to get the security to get me out because am not leaving the hospital, at that time I was 15 weeks pregnant.

I insisted on getting the blood transfusion. By then I was in the waiting room for more than three hours, my temperature went up so high, all my veins collapsed, I was shaking like a leaf, all the doctors were telling me is that it SEEMS as if I have an infection but couldn't say what it was.

Each time I went there I have blood done but never get any results back even though I was asking for it. Three and a half hours later I was admitted onto the ward. By this time I was well known to the nurses and doctors because of my frequent visits.

I have been visiting the hospital from December up till February when I had the miscarriage in the early hour of the morning. The pain was so bad, not even the nurses would have helped me with pain killers. That was when I decided to get off the bed to call my friend to bring in some pain killers for me, that's when I was given morphine and painkiller for the labour pain, no one was in sight, apart from one staff nurse. No one could get any sleep on the ward because I was in too much pain.

It was after I had the miscarriage and was losing the little blood I had left, that's when I saw nurses and doctors coming in and getting me to the theatre for emergency blood transfusion. It was a horrible experience I had in February 2012.

If there was going to be a miscarriage I know there's nothing much they can do but to simply give me pain killers was the least they could do, and why I wasn't told that my blood count was pretty low from when I went in in January?

After I got out of the hospital I got call from my GP stating that my blood count is low and a letter was sent to me from the hospital stating that my blood count is very low, the letter was sent out after I had all the traumatic experience - that's one month after I had the blood test done, and one month later I got another letter stating that I had a slight infection in my urine.

I was even told that I cannot have more than an early scan done and then my next scan would be at 20 weeks given the fact that I am pregnant with twins.

I pray to God I never have to even enter that hospital again. I would rather die than to head up going back to North Middlesex Hospital. Can you imagine if I was in labour having a baby?

Even to mention the name of this hospital traumatises me a lot. Having said that, the outside looks good but my treatment was horrible. The nurses I met didn't seem to know how to speak to patients.

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