"An embarrassing representation of the NHS"

About: Shakespeare Health Centre

As an employee of the NHS in Leeds I am well versed on the “Leeds ways, Patient-centred, Fair, Collaborative, Accountable, Empowered.” Just as every other employee is or should be. After my visit to the practice today I must say that the reception staff need a stern reminder of this, one of the reasons I decided to work for the NHS was so that I could help people in their time of need each day even if only in a small way, if you cannot treat your patients with even a shred of respect nor dignity, you should not be working for the national health service and there are a few members of staff in this particular establishment who absolutely should not have the right to represent the practice particularly at the first point of contact.. the front desk. Reading through the reviews on google it seems as though these colleagues of mine (I regrettably must refer to them as) have been working at the practice for at least two years, getting away with completely deplorable behaviour towards patients consistently, my wife recently Attempted to register at the practice for local convenience only to be argued with by the employees when she stated regulations for registering at a practice in accordance with the law, the staff raised voices in unison in such an unprofessional manner that my wife was embarrassed in front of a room of waiting patients, the only goal they seemed to have was self preservation even in the time of obvious errors like children being told off. I had to visit the practice today for a potentially serious medical issue and what I saw only echoed what my wife had told me just days prior. I stood back from the desk for a moment to see for myself just how these receptionists dealt with the customers, the patients, the way in which they spoke was down right disgusting to say the least, they were extremely rude and patronising, they spoke down and looked down at each person they served. As a former manager myself I could see that these employees are not managed at any level, they are let loose, they make the rules, they own the place, if you answer back or disagree You are out and never dare come back. People were nervous enough as it was each in need of help in their various ways, but these women made each individuals visit just unbearable. From a short visit myself, my wife’s story and the countless poor reviews on google I can tell this place is rotten to the core, it’s an embarrassment to our NHS and has been for some time. What goes on there cannot be ignored any longer, these people Cannot and Do not deserve to represent us. Something must happen and happen fast.

Story from nhs.uk