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(as a relative),

In our experience there was no compassion, no communication , no listening skills just to name a few . Let me start at the beginning . My dad attended Willow House with minor word finding difficulties , he was sent for a CT scan and DAT scan that both presented normal. He took part in cognitive assessments which scored more to the low side. During every visit my sister and I expressed to the clinic we thought he had aphasia but they thought they knew better . They diagnosed him with Alzheimer’s and wanted to start him on medication . I questioned this and requested a PET scan but again we were given a SPECT scan , again normal . The worst thing happened in May 2018  when he received a letter from a letter from the DVLA revoking his licence . My dad still works to this day as a sales rep in his late 70ies so needed his licence to work . We had a battle on our hands and after a stressful 6 months we finally got the licence back . I took it upon myself to seek speech and language therapy from another clinic in Knowsley and they organised for him to go the Walton centre for to see a neurologist who diagnosed my dad with Non Fluent Aphasia. 

He does not have any form of dementia so my next job is to willow house to remove their Alzheimer’s diagnosis from his records . In our experience just because they are professionals they don’t know it all .