""Customer Service" in the X-ray department"

About: Stepping Hill Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

I had an ultrasound scan recently. The scan was absolutely fine - carried out very thoroughly (it was quite a long complicated process). It was the customer service that I have a problem with.

The staff ( a doctor and a nurse) were fairly friendly but at the end of my appointment, they didn't really say goodbye or end the appointment properly. Whilst I was getting ready to leave, they just started talking about their next patient, who they referred to as "an Elbow". I am aware that that was the body part they were about to scan on the next patient but saying that in front of me, made me feel that I must have been referred to before I came into the room as the body part I had scanned.

I was then ignored as I left the room, not even a goodbye. I felt like part of a conveyer belt of body parts.

This is obviously not the worst thing that has ever happened to a patient but I just felt as though the staff were far more focused on the process they were there to carry out (the Elbow) than the people these body parts are attached to! Attentiveness and showing a bit of respect would have made my experience far more positive.

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