"Mental Health Progress"

About: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust / Specialist psychotherapy services

(as a service user),

I just wanted to thank the St.Georges Community Health Centre for helping me during my University years.

During my Second Year my mental health deteriorated to the point I was considering dropping out and with talks about being admitted to hospital. At this point I was referred to St.Georges for a CAT therapy program. 

From my referral to actually starting the course was nearly a year which is too long to be expected to keep safe with a mental health condition.

However when starting the program my therapist was incredible she helped to link together personal reasons why I was feeling and behaving in certain ways through my experiences. We created a map and identified exits that would escape from and deal with my self-destructive cycles. 

The best way to show my progress is through my grades. At the start of the final year I was predicting a 2-2. During my first semester, my results were showing an average 2-1. In April I was getting firsts, as I was able to think clearly, interact socially and most of the time I was happy. I finished with a first and that is thanks to the work at St.Georges.