"Avoid if possible, Audiology are useless"

About: Royal Shrewsbury Hospital / Audiology

Avoid if possible. Despite the websites claims that rhey see people within 21 days post referral, I had to wait 5 MONTHS. So I wouldnt wait to be seen here if you are desperate. Then the appointment itself. Staff rude, claiming that I had ‘perfect hearing’, when numberous other tests from elsewhere proved otherwise. Had to buy private hearing aids in the 5 month wait, which is the only reason I have kept my job as I do struggle, but the ‘doctor’ I saw on 2nd July 2019 declined to provide nhs ones as I would find them ‘fustrating’. Private occupational health audiologu services show hearing loss in left ear between 30-55db, yet the ‘doctor’ claims its perfect. Family, friends and empluers are laughing at my apparent ‘perfect hearing’. I would hazard a guess that as I am only in my 30’s, the NHs is cutting costs for younger hearing issue patients and ignoring there difficulties. I would go elsewhere if considering this hospital, somewhere that actually cares.

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