"Very disappointing by service from receptionist..."

About: Fairmore Medical Practice

There have been a number of times when prescription have been ordered but when gone to collect never done. But I realised they were at the time struggling with staff so let it be. However recently my daughter who has coelic disease and is feeling unwell. She has had number of bloods done but doctors and nurses have not been in touch to discuss her results. At the time of bloods done I was told not to book an appointment and that should there be anything in bloods they would be in touch which never happened.

Also Im no longer able to order her medication through my current pharmacy and would have to go to surgery in person every month to request this. The receptionist also said that they have no duty to tell us this. When asked to speak to a practice manager I got told to come in person . When I came in person the same receptionist told me there was no forms. I would have to type a letter and bring it in. I said i was really unhappy and would change surgery due to poor service. I got a reply from the receptionist that you are welcome to do this. 6 patients moved from fairmore practice because no one cares. My daughter has been unwell since April due to her disease and even after doing her bloods they did not think to tell me or give her treatment.

Poor poor service. And within 3 days of changing surgery she has been diagnose and given treatment.

Really disappointed.

When we see a doctor we put ours and our familys life in there hands. And clearly patients are not their priority.

Story from nhs.uk