"The most wonderful birth experience"

About: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

Had the most wonderful birth experience here. The midwives are wonderful! Transferred here at 28 weeks as I moved house and I’m so pleased I was.

I came in a few times to be checked for reduced feral movements as I’m quite an ovethinker and everything was fine both times but I was never made to feel silly or stupid everyone was always really lovely. Also had some growth scans and a scan with the foetal cardiologist which once again everything was fine for but everyone was lovely.

My labour was very long with the early stages lasting 30 hours but the staff were all very available to chat to me on the phone about how I was feeling and how it was going for me. Eventually when I came in my baby was back to back but midwives very supportive.

My labour ended up not progressing so I had to be moved to the labour ward for a hormonal drip and epidural (well it was the wisest thing to do as it has now been over 12 hours since I’d arrived in hospital). Ended up suddenly progressing very quickly and having the baby before anything even happened once we had arrived on the labour ward (pushed the baby out in 14 minutes (! )). They even let me go back to the birth centre postnatally as I didn’t need any of the interventions. Lovely labour experience despite its length and I plan on coming back if I do have any more!