"Waste of time"

About: St George's Hospital (Tooting) / Maternity care

So I decided to visit the Carmen suite after experiencing contractions every 10 minutes. As it's wasn't my first child I was expecting I didn't want to take the risk of leaving it to the last minute. On arrival I was assessed by a midwife who offered pain relief, after requesting it and a room to rest. The midwife that was in charge of my care was very attentive, she popped in a d checked on my regularly and when ever I made a request for extra support or a cup of tea estate she done her best to accommodate. However, I must say when my waters broke and my partner called for help a midwife came and she wasn't helpful, she appeared uninterested and refferered the matter on to the midwife that originally assessed me by saying she's in charge of it care not me. Unfortunately, I didn't give birth whist the lovely midwife was on duty, the morning came and I was still waiting on my baby's arrival. Consequently, the lovely midwife came in the suite I was in and informed me that she was finishing her shift, she wished me luck then introduced me to the new midwife that was taking over my care and done her hand over. After that I did not see anyone again. The midwife that took over my care wasn't interested in helping at all. When I felt a strong urge to push I asked my partner to call someone to assist me as it's been a long time since I had a child. When she came in its was like a complete waste of time she just stood and watch me in agony. After screaming and pleading for help she finally assisted me through talking me through the contractions and informing me of the pushing and breathing techniques. After 3 hours she discharged me back home. Had I IV known I'll be neglected like that I would of opt for a home birth.

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