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(as a staff member),

Today, Patient Opinion held an event for Notts HC (including health partnerships division) staff to inspire them to see that people's stories about their healthcare experiences hold the key to delivering better care to everyone.

We wanted the event to be more than just a morning of presentations - we wanted to leave a legacy. The room was filled with dedicated and hard working staff who genuinely care about people's stories - so we wanted to motivate them to capture more and to ensure that every story has an impact, positive or negative.

The staff identified a priority challenge for themselves and the Trust, which was "to ensure that each team shares the feedback it receives with every member of it's team".

Everyone committed to doing atleast one thing over the next few weeks to make sure they achieved the challenge together. Below are the promises they made to themselves, to give more power to patient stories.

Imagine how many more stories will be heard, recognised and acted on if everyone keeps their promise?

"Raise Patient Opinion in involvement meetings. Collect 3 stories in the next month"

"Put patient feedback on team agenda as a regular item for discussion"

"Be proactive about Patient Opinion and the benefits of sharing stories"

"I will continue to raise awareness of Patient Opinion and support patients to post stories... I will let them know that staff can support them"

"Promote PO and feedback to others - suggesting it to be included on agendas"

"Standing item on team meeting to share feedback"

"Feed back people's opinions to ward staff and management at patient led monthly meetings"

"We can invite everyone on the distribution list to come to Rosewood and work with us on capturing people's views" (the RUFF group)

"Raise the profile of PO via our weekly staff meeting and get the team to action plan how they are going to capture stories"

"To mention Patient Opinion and feedback to Director of Institute of Mental Health"

"Make sure all feedback is easily accessible to patients and staff"

"Develop an area in each hub site to post patient feedback and add a slot at the team meeting"

"I promise to raise PO at the service team meeting. Manager to share with their teams"

"I will feed back to my team what Patient Opinion is and make them aware of what it does! I will dedicate time in our team meetings to discuss patient feedback"

"I will communicate ideas with my manager on how this could be brought forward, I will collect and record patient stories each week"

"Try and get the team together to meet at least once a month to discuss feedback. I will advertise feedback options to patients better."

"To ask all the teams to complete a 'You said, we did' poster at each ward community meeting and display prominently"

"Make PO an agenda item on team business meetings"

"Staff to inform clients about PO on discharge from now on"

"I shall put a post on patient opinion this week and put Patient Opinion on our team day agenda - 10th July to ask all team members to get on board"

"To put users/carers feedback as a standing item on the agenda of our team meeting"

"Share PO at team brief - and issue all the website details to staff"

"Follow up meeting with Vikki and Ian next week to agree how we roll out at Wathwood"

"Keep on working at the Trust internal PO survey and getting it to the Trust boards and teams with quaterly reports"

"I will ensure that Patient Opinion feedback is on my team leader meeting agenda, and they have it on their team meeting agenda"

"Add Patient Opinion to catch up times (1:1s)"

"In next MDT meeting to have PO site on show to demonstrate how it is used and get one story on the site by the end of June"

"To speak to manager re feedback on team meeting agenda every month"

"As part of the QUEST programme we will use PO feedback as part of our reviews (QUEST - Quality Experience Scrutiny team)… Continue to use PO information to analyse themes, concerns, positives and formulate reports to the compliance assurance committee."

"Put patient feedback on agenda of all the meetings I attend"

"I will get volunteers to engage in collecting information from local community, ready for posting on PO"

"Ensure patient feedback is discussed at each ward manager's supervision session"

"My work with the survey brings me into contact with all teams across the Trust - I will ensure they know about Patient Opinion"

"Top down - make sure the management team send an important message to relay this to individual teams eg. OT team"

"I will share with the team what we've learnt from today and I will look at how as a team we can discuss the best use of Patient Opinion so that changes can be made"

"Promote PO to patients and staff by putting up posters in all areas"

"Put Patient Opinion on staff meeting agenda…discuss and make all staff aware of what it is and how to access it"

"Follow up getting iPad… try to post more patients and carers opinions on the site"

"Promote PO as a Governor"

"Make other staff aware of Patient Opinion and how important is is"

"Log on to PO website in team meeting and show feedback as standing agenda item"

"Speak with Recovery lead about the role of ward recovery champions and how the recovery model can help to promote patient empowerment and involvement"

"Improve promotion of Patient Opinion"

"Do a Patient Opinion demonstration in team meeting"

"Improve patient feedback in the SMT service (drug and alcohol)"

"Ask each team to put on staff team meeting feedback as a standing agenda item… Ensure feedback is emailed to all team members"

"To ensure all team leaders 1. have PO access 2. responder rights 3. discuss (agenda) at team meetings and 4. agenda ABM"

"Ensure all directorate wards take forward a 'You said, we did' for their area"

"Discuss feedback in volunteer and centre management meetings"

"I'll commit to helping log the progress of PO postings"

"Wherever I go I will try to bring the conversation around to iPads and stories"

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Response from Jane Danforth, Involvement Team , Involvement & Experience, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

picture of Jane Danforth

It was an inspiring and exciting event.

It was clear to see that there was a genuine desire to work together. PO have been incredibly supportive in enabling this to happen for the Trust.

Thank you all for making promises to feedback using the PO site to share your stories.

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