"5 weeks on and still none the wiser"

About: Handsworth Medical Practice

I had an MRI scan at the hallamshire 5 weeks ago. I’ve called the surgery atleast 6 times and still none the wiser of my results, or even if they have them back.moat recently I called on Monday and the lines were closed for lunch, when I called back it said to call between 10 and 2 to speak to a secretary (I think you mean 10 - 1 cause you close the lines for lunch). I spoke to a receptionist that said my results were not back and that I needed to call the following day for a secretary.

I called Tuesday, option 2, told I needed to speak to a receptionist... mind blown! The secretary told me she couldn’t read results, but my results came back the previous and a doctor would call... still no call, and the receptionist said no results were back on the Monday, but the secretary said they had. All this time I’ve got a lump in my spine and serious pain in my lower back. When I asked to make an appointment I was told to call back at 8am the following day. The surgery is not set up for people that work full time. In modern society we can’t rely that we can leave work whenever for appointments, or drop everything to get whatever appointments they can offer that day. I often work 12 hour shifts so I actually need to plan in advance.

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