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What could be improved

I have been visiting my 91 year old father since 9th May . He sat for 3 hours on a hospital trolley in great discomfort waiting to be admitted to a side ward at 8 p.m. then they moved him into a larger ward a couple of hours later. This was disturbing as he had been waiting to get into hospita lfrom 12 p.m. and was exhausted..I deliberately waited to talk to the admittance nurse to give her information about my concerns over his malnutritian and general state of health. She said she would make a note. When I saw her risk assessment the next day I discovered she had not mentioned nutritional needs, nor that he was deaf (he wears two hearing aids) and stated he was totally mobile. When another nurse completed the assessment properly he was moved from low risk to high. If I had not read the report, he would ahve been completely wrongly assessed. I find this disgraceful


There is a lack of communication between staff. The Specialist recommended my father have physio and see a dietition on 9th May. Neither arrived until I enquired some 5 days later when he would see these people and I was told by the physio he had not been referrred to her.

I was told he would be moved to a side ward. He still has not been moved. He was promised an air cushion for the chair as he was suffering from reddening of the skin from the wait on the trolley. He still hasn't got one.

Dad feels the cold really badly and has to have additional blankets. One night a nurse came at 3 .am. following his request for a blanket and simply threw it over the bottom of his bed. He has a withered right arm and cannot cover himself. Despite repeatedly requesting the water jug is only half filled, it is always filled to the top by staff and he cannot lift it.

Most of hte staff do not make allowances for the fact that he is deaf, and stanf in a position where he cannot hear them properly. They should be trained to communicate with people who have hearing difficulties.

Anything else?

There seems to be a constant changeover of staff, so no-one can eally build a relationship with patients and their releatives. Everytime I call it is someone different who is looking after him. .

Medications is brought around when people are in the middle of eating. Specialists interrupt patients eating their meals so their meals go cold - (not Dad's specialist)

The minor points regarding blankets and water jug, are such small matters, but would make all the difference to Dad's comfort.

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