"Very bad experience"

About: Hillingdon Hospital / Maternity

I have had my first baby in hillingdon maternity department.

On my labour day midwives were passing smiles to each other when i was in pain and was screaming out of pain. During my delivery time one of the senior midwife said to me" you're not going to die "infront of my husband and my husband stopped her straight away and he didn't like those comments.there was no privacy at all . staff were coming to see me( nurses, midwives etc) while i was delivering my baby. There was more than 10 doctors nurses midwives and nurses were present, we don't know why? it was horrible experience for us .we are very disappointed so my husband. They should hire first of all mature ladies midwives for delivering babies not young girl who have no feelings and experience of labour.

Atleast midwives who have their own children can understand pain of labour and understand other female pain and feelings.

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