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About: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

So recently my partner has been having a very difficult time mentally.. So the degree has even left to end his life...He has repeatedly sort help even after being told he would be contacted by the mental health team.. Yet this never happened. He's spoken to Samaritains,Calms,Sheffield helpline,111,999 and has even contacted IAPT and the mental health themselves.. Recently things have reached a point of

NO FAITH OR TRUST in the service.. This was due to recieving a Text from his GP to contact them to then be informed that the out of hours team had seen and spoke with him and made a refurral to the GP hence the GP's contact.. The promblem is the team NEVER saw or spoke with him!!!!! How can a service that is supposed to be there to help be so dishonest and damaging????

Instead of helping they have made things worse!! My partner who had tried asking for support from the "Professionals" will nolonger even entertain the thought of speaking to them.. And I myself am so angry at the lack of well anything from the service... Thank you for failing so badly...

If I could have left NO STARS then I would have.

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