"Don't know where to turn for chest condition"

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(as the patient),

I have long term illnesses which I believe was caused by medication prescribed by the rheumatology dept of the SGH Glasgow. The tablet in question is ADALAT from which I developed haemolytic anaemia from which I had a splenectomy in 2000.

I then developed further illnesses. It is then and only then that I found out that I was allergic to Adalat as it was in my notes.

Over then years I have mainly attended the haematology clinic which I will be doing for then rest of my life, I have attended others clinics but at this moment only the one clinic

Late last year I went to my doctors with a slight cough and a little crackle in my chest when breathing out. My doctor put me on Amoxicillin from there I started bringing up phlem and was hospitalised for six days with pnemonia

After the course of antibiotics had finished I went back to my doctors as I was still bringing up phlem. The reply was that it may take a few months to clear. I wasn't feeling well a couple of months ago and went to then A&E of the SGH where I was once again diagnosed with pnemonia and discharged five days later, again being told by the consultant that it may take months to clear up. Even though I was discharged I was still bringing up phlem, more when lying down than standing up. About a month later I brought up some green phlem and through my own initiative I obtained a specimen jar and managed to give a sample to my doctor. It turned out that I had a yeast infection which I believe may be the cause of this present illness. I have checked out on then internet that antibiotics feed this yeast infection and as I am on penicillin for life, then it doesn’t seem that I will get better. I feel I have been given no advice or bad advice from the national health service

Now the reason I am writing this is I feel I have been abandoned by both my GP and the SGH. When I was in hospital I was informed I would be attending the respiratory clinic and the chest clinic even though different doctors have said they would write to them, it seems to me that it is falling on deaf ears.

I feel as if I may have pnemonia again as I am as bad now as I was when I was admitted with pneumonia. I just don't know where to turn, this is why I am writing this letter of complaint

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