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About: Southmead Hospital

(as a service user),

I do not like to complain about my NHS experiences because I believe that staff are incredibly overworked, harassed, and under-resourced. I am very upset indeed that this seems to be government policy, as a strategy to give the resultant apparent inefficiency as an excuse to furthr privatise our NHS. 

However it is in my nature to advise where I see what seems to me to be sub-optimal procedures. Call it 'interfering busy-body' if you wish, but I get it from my mother, and my confidence is increased by my professional experience as a systems designer, as well as relevant academic education. 

So I am tempted to make comment on North Bristol NHS Trust's appointment booking systems of which I have had several frustrating experiences. I shall not give the most recent, for the reasons mentioned above. But an earlier one was where I returned from a holiday to find two letters. One bringing forward my appointment date (I'd timed the holiday to get back just in time) and the second upbraiding me for having not attended. Another was that I did online checkin at Southmead. After I had answered all the questions it just said 'next customer' or words to that effect. During the process I had entered a "No" where theyhad my old phone number, so having nothing else to do for half an hour after a while I went to the desk to see if I could update my phone number. They told me I was not booked in! I said that had I  not come to them I'd have assumed I was booked in. I might have waited for ages and then been told I had not attended. They simply could not understand this!


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