"Problem with Croydon hospital rheumatology"

About: Croydon University Hospital / Rheumatology

Croydon hospital rheumatology department discharged me as a patient & cancelled my next scheduled bone treatment, despite the fact this cannot just be stopped, because there is then a rebound effect & it causes fractures again.

The service had changed to a new Fracture Liaison Service and I was told that I had to see a new rheumatologist & could not see the Croydon hospital endocrinologist, who had been looking after me with my bone disease very well for 27 years.

After I was discharged, my GP then referred me to RNOH, who acted quickly to ensure that I got this bone treatment on time & so far are looking after me incredibly well & I'm also now seeing the same Endocrinologist (but have to now see him privately) still, referred again by my GP.

Very disappointed with Croydon new Fracture Liaison service via rheumatology, although have to say other Croydon hospital service & departments have been great !

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