"Upset about weekend care for my miscarriage"

About: Harrogate District Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I was suffering from bleeding around 11weeks in my second pregnancy. It happened to be at a weekend and the experience at Harrogate hospital was traumatic, drawn out and upsetting.

When we went to A&E following the advice of the hospital, the admissions nurse was great but the doctor was terrible. He didn't read the notes and it wasn't until 5 minutes in and I told him I was pregnant he decided to get them. He still proceeded to assume it was anything but the reality. Then he sent us home. Bleeding heavily I called again the next day, and in the end they did say that I could have a scan to check if all was okay. Leaving my first child with a friend we went in. Saw the same doctor and he ran through the same ridiculous questions again. Finally I was sent up to EPU, where we sat for a few hours with no food or drink, even though one of my symptoms was dizziness.

Finally I saw a doctor who didn't examine me just said there's no way I could have a scan as it was a weekend!

We then sat for another couple of hours waiting for an anti d injection. A thoroughly draining and time sapping experience. I was told I would get a scan on Monday but when I called was told it would be Tuesday. Unable to stand another day without confirmation of a miscarriage I had to go private to retain a level of sanity.

I had an amazing experience of Harrogate with my first child, so was shocked by this experience. The weekend service is truly horrible.

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