"Group Feedback from Forest Close"

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Group Feedback from Forest Close, Intensive Rehabilitation Service.

We were invited to help facilitate a service user event at Forest Close.  It was great to listen to what the service users thought about the place in which they were living.

Here are the comments that we all agreed could go onto the Care Opinion Website.

Ailis Manzoni and Agnes Wozna, Engagement & Experience Facilitators, SHSC NHS FT


Staff need to be here for the right reasons, wrong staff attitude can prolong your stay.

Staff are good here at Forest Close, the Occupational Therapists, Recovery College, activity programme, confidence group and lots of other groups.

If you are far away from home your family visiting helps and it feels protective. 


Forest Close gives you lots of activities to do on-site. There are also lots of trips out – like to Ponds Forge using public transport, we are taken to eat out alternative Thursdays. The social evenings received praise.

There is the Psychology group, café conversation group that discusses current affairs, one service user commented that they had only recently started attending the conversation group and they wish they had attended 6 weeks ago. The Moving-On group was also talked about favourably.

One service user would like to do a workshop with their DJ decks as this was something they really enjoyed.

One service user commented that they had their own set routine, they enjoyed going to the gym by themselves and sometimes they felt under pressure to join in with the groups, they knew what their capabilities were and they didn’t want to stress themselves out by doing too much.


The time waiting for Ministry of Justice to respond was something that nearly all the service users found stressful. There is a lot of uncertainty around when you might get a response and this led to frustrations about leave being granted for example. They all thought it would be better if there were set deadlines when you could expect a response, as the unknown feels very stressful.  One service user told us that they had been waiting 5 months for applying for leave and usually this takes 2/3 months.


We chatted about how people felt about trying to return to work and most would like to work towards being in employment again.  They said they would like more support and help in returning to employment. Help in writing CVs, applications, enhancing people’s employability. One person in particular stressed the importance of maintaining a job as they thought they had the skills to obtain employment but then wanted help in coping skills and strategies once in a job and how to sustain employment.

One service wasn’t aware that the Koran was available at all times in the multi-faith room so a suggestion was that this information (and other information like this of constantly available opportunities) could be added to the activity plan, rather than just the timetabled events. 


We chatted about how it would be helpful to access the off-site activities and places from where they would be discharged to (say their home) as they only know how to get there from Forest Close.


Staff and Occupational Therapy facilities.


Discharge planning

Feeling anxious about going out.


Can’t wait to go home and no worries about this.

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Response from Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Hi I am the clinical nurse manager at Forest Close and would like to respond to the feedback.

its lovely to hear that the staff team at Forest Close are helpful and have the right attitude and values. We always involve service users in our interview process for this very reason. Its also good to hear that service users enjoy the activities available. We are currently looking at what we provide with our service users in a bid to make the focus more meaningful and enabling. Education and employment needs to be a priority as well as enhancing coping skills and community links. I note we need to put more support in around discharge as this is a particularly stressful time for service users.

In relation to the Ministry of Justice we have had some particularly long delays due in part I think to a change of base. We have managed this up to the directors to see if we can get any improvements made to the processes,

Lovely to have such positive feedback on the whole keep it coming positive and negative we need to aim for the very best care and support for all service users.