"Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stone"

About: Croydon University Hospital / Accident and emergency

In the early hours of 20th April, I awoke to very severe pain in my left flank. As it was Easter Saturday I went to the Purley hospital GP Hub where the doctor examined me and then sent me immediately to CUH A&E department as he suspected a kidney stone. From the moment I arrived there I experienced courteous, efficient and very professional help from everyone. This included the streaming nurse; the nurse who triaged me; the phlebomist; the A&E consultant; the CT scan technician and the lady who brought me a cup of tea and a sandwich. Without exception they were kind, sympathetic and very understanding about the extreme pain I was in - kidney stones are notoriously painful, I was kept informed and consulted at every step of the way about what treatment was advised and fortunately a couple of hours later I passed the stone and the pain abated. The new A&E department building is immaculate and very well organised and the staff wonderful. Our much maligned NHS offered me truly excellentl treatment in a caring, professional and sympathetic manner and I cannot praise the staff too much, I would unhesitatingly recommend this department to everyone I know,

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