"No decision in Gallbladder case"

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(as a service user),

It's not a secret that gallbllader stones are very painful condition. But it's also not a secret that this condition is very easy to fix. But only in theory...

My story seems to be a nightmare. Only because of procedures, paper work and lack of communication..

As much as  I massively appreciate the nurses care, there is nothing else I could appreciate. I feel like I'm being constantly left out. All I can do is waiting... I'm waiting, my 2 little kids at home are waiting, my work is waiting ...

The whole story started one Saturday in March 2019. That was the first day when I started feeling weird. Pain on the right side of my belly, I felt dizzy with no energy at all. At night I was sick... But I didn't think it's going to be something serious. 

I was in mild or moderate pain till Thursday. I had to leave work earlier that day. I came back home exhausted. In massive pain. I thought a nap will help me. But I was mistaken. I was sick loads of times at night.

On Friday I went (crawled) to my GP who knew straight away what the problem was. It was quite obvious as I was all yellow. He prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers and said if anything is getting worst go straight to AnE department .

In 2 hours after my visit in GP I had to call ambulance as I was in unbearable agony. I couldn't take any deep breaths. This day I was admitted to hospital.

I was seen quite quickly. Morphine was injected so I could have some rest. I was taken to S.A.E.U. department where I started being sick again. I couldn't even tolerate water. My stomach was refusing everything. 

The doctor said I need to be treated Asap... 

But I had to wait till the Monday  for a simple scan. The diagnosis was confirmed. I had gallbladder full of  stones. I was informed I will be treated by surgeons as one of the stones left gallbladder and was stuck in duct. BUT they couldn't do anything till... the Thurday. As in this hospital they do this sort of things only twice a week. I was constantly treated with antibiotics and painkillers. I felt awful. 

The day has come. I thought that my nightmare will end now. It didn't..  

I was taken for a gastroscopy but the doctor couldn't find stone in the duct...So yet again I was sent back to the ward. 

I was very tired after the procedure... I didn't feel well or at least better at all. When I woke up I was told my body didn't react very well to the procedure and I developed pancreatitis,  which could happen in some cases. 

So I had to carry on with antibiotics till the inflammation will stop.

I was kept in the hospital another week. In the meantime doctors decided this will be the date for my second gastroscopy. This time they have found the stone but didn't manage to move it at all. I was told they managed to stain it though and I should feel better from now on. 

I stayed in hospital for another 4 days. The pain was getting better. I was told I'm being sent home and I need to wait for a letter from the hospital I was referred to. 

I haven't heard anything for another week after that. 

Instead the horror started from the beginning. Exactly the same symptoms.  I was sick 6 times. I was in agony again. I contacted the ward I was discharged from few days before. They told me go straight away to AnE ...

So the story begins again. First injection of the morphine, fluids, S.A.E.U. admission. When vomits stopped I was moved to the ward I was previously discharged from.

I was reassured by the doctor that my case will be chased. They said their assistant will call them personally... I don't know if this happened or not... All I know is that the endoscopy department from the other hospital called the ward I'm stuck in at the moment only yesterday.... with a question whether I am still in hospital... 

So today is another week on. I'm still stuck in the hospital. In constant pain. Off food for the past 4 days with no decision what's so ever. ..

Why am I being treated like that? Why??


Response from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Thank you for taking the time to share what's happened to you over the last few weeks on SEAU which we have shared with the senior team. It is clearly evident that we do need to look into this for you. I'm not sure if you have spoken to anyone in our PALS team but if not they can be contacted via pals@ulh.nhs.uk or 01522 707071.