"Current concerns with Crisis Team and bed..."

About: Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

If you're reading this you are probably as desperate as I feel now about the care provision , or lack of , for my daughter.

I have just tried to ring the PALS complaints/comments number but there is an out of date voicemail message from Mid March'19.. it is now mid April' 19.I am an OT myself and understand fully what the pressures are like regarding volume of clients/ service users that need to be seen/

Bed availability and the inevitability of waiting lists but when someone, like my daughter is now, in need of acute, intensive intervention and it is not there, it is totally devastating for her primarily and the extended family.

I feel totally let down for her by where she has been placed, when she is getting worse, and we are told that there is no bed for her.

She is at increasing risk and no one from the Crisis Team seems to be listening!

Safeguarding is clearly 'not' everyone's concern as I learnt when I tried to contact the Crisis Team - who told me to contact Call Derbyshire. In my job I have to be proficient in dynamic risk assessment of my service users on my case load , so what makes it different for the Crisis Team when they are being presented with increasing risks around my daughters ability to 'keep herself safe'???

I want to speak to someone and I am currently awaiting a call back from a service manager at my behest.

I am totally dismayed at the manner in which my daughter's care is being conducted.

If you are going t read this and leave me a comment saying I can now contact the PALS line or the hospital direct then please do so; but note, please do change your voicemail message and please do have someone at the end of the phone when I ring that will listen and act as appropriate to the situation.

many thanks.

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