"Judgemental treatment from Drs for self harm"

About: Royal Albert Edward Infirmary / Accident and emergency

(as a relative),

my cousin self harms and sometimes has to go to a&e to get stitches.

sometimes she has really good experiences but there are times when i feel like she is treated in a horrible way that you wouldn't even expect an animal to be treated like. I find it disgusting that some of the drs seem to behave in a way that is so rude and absent minded when it comes to self harm and it mainly is drs in our experience, usually the nurses treat her like a they treat everybody else.

Sometimes when shes having stitches the drs who are treating her don't even give her anything to help with the pain. she has been told by a dr once that she doesnt deserve to be treated at a&e because they have real people with real injuries who need their help and she is just wasting their time. in my opinion, they dont seem to have any clue about what they are doing with self harm.

In my opinion they shouldnt judge how people get injuries, they should concentrate on giving everyone the same fair treatment. Their own personal opinions shouldnt come into it and it shouldnt affect the way they work.

the sad thing is i dont think it will change. my cousin has complained sometimes but nothing ever happens. she just wont go to a&e any more which means her scars are getting worse because she isnt getting stitches. I can understand this though, why would she want to go to a place for help and support, when what she has experienced is what seems like arrogance from drs who have seemed to base their whole attitude towards her on the fact that her injuries came from self harm? in our opinion, they don't seem to see the person in front of them.

she has had better care at the walk in centre but most of the time when she hurts herself is in the middle of the night when the walk in is shut.as I said, the nurses are mostly fine. its just some of the drs who have spoiled her view of a&e and getting medical help. I think its disgusting.

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