"Just back to back complaints & appeal processes"

About: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Many are now having their Mental Health diagnosis changed forced upon them to one of 'personality disorder'. This is being done by SHSC AMHP CPN & their CMHT as there are no funds, therapies, counsellors or treatments in place for those with that diagnosis.

This is SHSC, the executives & management at Fulwood aggressively circumnavigating their financial & legal obligations. They are hiding patients in plain sight by giving 'forcing upon them' that diagnosis.

Personalty disorder diagnosis also carries a proven stigma amongst mental health professionals as too many see you as not having a formal diagnosis that is recognised by them as you having a clinically recognised mental health condition 'but a Cinderella one' and as such? They will have little or nothing to do with you. As such your assigned CMHT will do little or nothing more with you but tell you to do breathing exercises, force sedative & other medications 'make you use and take those meds' to silence & sedate you down as meds are cheaper more cost effective than employing staff. Refusal to become a drugged up zombie means they will discharge you. They will too send you to charities, self help groups telling you to 'fund & source your own treatments'. When in crisis they will tell you to ring Rethink or the Samaritans as 1st point of contact 'as per message on duty crisis OOH on 0114 271 6310' But when and if you call in communicate & try to get help? No one 'from anywhere' will return your call as SHSC and your CMHT see's you as not having a formal mental health diagnosis and the charities will not deal with you telling you to go back to your CMHT or go to A&E as they see you as being in crisis.

Personality disorder diagnosis.

The route & path to so many ending up in black hole void that no one wants to know and all refuse to help them.

Then you are pushed time & time again into the complaints, ombudsman and appeal processes. Just for you 'through no fault of your own' to be wrongly blamed and repeatedly for you having a diagnosis of a mental health condition of having a mere personality disorder that no one formally recognises.

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