"Would not recommend"

About: St Thomas' Hospital / Maternity care

(as a service user),

I would not recommend maternity services at St Thomas Hospital.

The antenatal ward was really nice. I was induced because I was two weeks overdue, and spend time waiting there.

Eventually I was moved to the labour ward, since my contractions started.  In the middle of the night something did not seem right.  At first the baby's heartbeat started beating too fast, then it seemed to slow down and disappear. My mother pressed the button to call the midwife several times, but she never arrived. Eventually, she ran into the hallway to find someone. A nurse came in and pressed the panic button and got me up on my feet to walk around. Within seconds, there was a team of medical staff around me and they rushed me to an emergency c-section.

After the c-section I was recovering in the worst postnatal ward. There was screaming and the cleaning staff would make so much noise, and when I tried to get out of the hospital for the first time, struggling to walk, the cleaner got angry at me for being in their way.