"A leaflet and no NHS care"

About: South mental health recovery team (East Glade Centre)

(as a service user),

I got a mental health recovery service leaflet and a letter saying how the team can help me. I haven't heard from any NHS mental services for over 2 years. The letter says I can discuss it with my care co-ordinator. I don't have one.

Since moving back to Sheffield in 2016 the NHS mental health services have been virtually non existent. In 2016, in Wales (Labour assembly government?), I got home visits from a psychiatrist every 2 months and a CPN saw me at home every week. In Sheffield I have seen a psychiatric nurse at (the now closed) Argyll house a total of 5 times in 2 and a half years and it took months to get seen. I have never been allowed to see a psychiatrist in this time.

Luckily for me, since getting support from Sheffield Mind my mental health has become mostly more stable and I am dealing with my Schizoaffective Disorder better than before, apart from the odd blip and suicidal incidents. However, this improvement in health, is more to do with being closer to family support more than anything. It's a shame it seems being seen by Sheffield Mind disqualifies me from any extra help from NHS services?

If I was getting ill all over again I'd fear for my life because the basic help isn't there. I despair for anyone with mental health problems in Sheffield.
Getting this leaflet in the post after so much dead air seems like an insult. That said I'll keep it close because it contains all the phone numbers I need if I ever need to phone up for help and want to get fobbed off... Again...


Response from Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for your feedback regarding the leaflet. I’m sorry that you did not find this leaflet helpful. The Recovery service has co-produced this leaflet with service users, with the aim of providing helpful information and useful contact details for our service users. This leaflet was then sent to all service users currently under the recovery service, this includes people with care co-ordinators and people on case management.

I’m glad to hear that you are happy with the support that you receive from Sheffield Mind and that you mental health is more stable.

Best wishes,

Sarah Roberts-Morris

Senior Operational Manager

Update posted by eccentricfun (a service user)

The leaflet was confusing and poorly written. Please make future correspondence is clear, and concise. Use plain English so if we don't have a 'care co-ordinator' we know what it means. Sub par. Just like the services in this city.