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(as a relative),

My husband recently spent three weeks in Canterbury Hospital. He received very good medical care but I would like to draw your attention to the quality of the food he received.

A decent meal greatly contributes to a patient's well-being and recovery. I appreciate budgets are tight but it's a waste of resources to provide meals that are unappetising and unpalatable. Many of them were discarded with the result that they provided no nourishment whatsover. The liver dish, normally a favourite meal for my husband, was one thick slab of pig's liver visually resembling the sole of a slipper; the Sunday roast chicken was a piece of tough greasy meat on the bone and the fish meal was fish in batter with only just a few forkfuls of meat between an enormous piece of greasy batter. Added to that was the bewildering daily decision whether or not to ask for gravy.

For breakfast only highly processed cereals were on offer when fruit, yoghurt or muesli would have been more appropriate. A cooked breakfast was sometimes available but its presentation made it extremely unappealing.

I realise it's not possible to cater to individual tastes, but sick people often suffer a reduced appetite and experience a reluctance to eat. Surely it's the role of the hospital caterer to present food in the most appetising way possible within the available budget?

I am convinced there must be numerous patients and their carers that intend bringing this matter to your attention but once they leave hospital get caught up in aftercare and recuperation. I feel strongly that this ought to be a matter of high priority for East Kent Hospital Trust.

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