"elderly parent attendance"

About: George Eliot Hospital - Acute Services / Accident and emergency

my mum was bought to the a&e department early hours of Tuesday morning 03-30 am - all checks etc completed - we were then approached by the discharge nurse at 10-00 am to state she is now discharged - no discussion, no update of what they had done, my mum's blood pressure systolic rate remained high had already informed staff my mum was not returning home as my dad cares for her 24 hours and cannot manage as he had been poorly himself - social care team had been informed we waited until 4pm before she was finally transferred to CDU to which we were not informed this was happening a nurse or ward staff came and said we are moving you and moved my mum without even informing where they were going or why (my mum was in the middle of having an assessment by the carehome - staff were very rude to do this completely dismissed the assessment - very unprofessional - i had spent all morning trying to arrange this as social care team were not doing anything despite my mum being open to adult social care. when we were in CDU the assessment finished and mum was going to be going to repite - the nurse on CDU came to us and said here is a prescription you need to go and get this (FP10 prescription) for Ciprofloxacin - no explanation as to why we were given this for my mum even though she was staying in CDU overnight surely they should have started this for a patient??? when in hospital?

avoid this department - i cannot say the care my mum received was good and clearly there is a lack of communication.

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