"My Lymes experience"

About: Southwark PCT St Thomas' Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

I was infected by a tick last year in June, but didn't get the full EM so the GP did not believe I had Lymes. But in the two months after my exposure, even with less work than I had before following redundancy from a part time job, I found myself really struggling to fulfil my obligations and at one point had excruciating pain at the bottom of my spine which seemed to radiate sideways. I have been using homeopathy for over twenty years so that was my first option, and Borellia 30c taken in 3 doses 2hrs apart, in the evening, enabled me to bounce out of bed for the first time in months and that pain vanished. But homeopathic remedies are easy to antidote, and this I did by exposure to the smell of cloves after which I started to feel less well again. Then my homeopath was away looking after her very aged mother, and I went to my GP, who looked at my "EM" and me and said she didn't think I had Lymes, but I was insistent, so she prescribed the standard antibiotic for two weeks, but after the first blood test came back negative only a week after i had started the antibiotics , she told me to stop. She should not have done this. apparently the provider of the standard tests for Lyme state that in case of a negative result, treatment for Lyme should not be stopped. So I have continued with homeopathy but its not all plain sailing because it has been easy unfortunately with this disease, to "prove the remedy", by taking too much of it, to soon. So I have resorted to a few different remedies, for my joints ( Ruta 30C) Borrelia 200C for the whole thing, Arsenicum 30C for the whole thing, Ledum 30C for my skin, and finally Rose Quartz 6C for when I am feeling most negative, safest as as it is a low potency . I understand that few people consider homeopathy as an option, but it really does make a difference, if one is careful with it.

However I went back to the allopathic surgery, and got an appt for St Thomas's where I was amazingly enough told that the one week of antibiotics should have been enough.... The specialist said they would order blood tests, but I don't think they are going to ask for the western blot test, and there was no discussion suggesting the Elisa test.

It seems appalling to me, that in my experience allopathic doctors don't listen to their patients, who after all are the ones who actually know what Lymes is like. So that is two doctors that have disappointed me, my GP, and then the infectious diseases specialist at St Thomas's, who seemed very sympathetic, but I felt was just humouring me, and now I have to wait for a phone call in 2.5 weeks to get the latest test result. I doubt that it will be positive, as the previous night I had taken a Ruta 30C because of pain in my joints, and then just an orange for breakfast the next morning, so it would have been in my skin or just below. But the specialist seemed completely unwilling to take a skin scraping. They actually seemed out of their depth when I suggested this.

Without homeopathy I would not have been able to maintain my hours as a Music Teacher

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