"Care on the Anne Allerton ward."

About: National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery - Queen Square / Neurosurgery

(as a relative),

My 74 Year old father was admitted to the ward for an operation in Nov 2018. Due to not having I. V. fluids once he was back on the ward, he became dehydrated and collapsed in front of myself and my sister. He was stabilised by staff and left to recover with a drip in place. regulations regarding the number of people around the beds and noise levels were allowed to be ignored.

He had a HSA washed him with no consideration  and just squeezing a cold flannel over him and soaking the sheets. when he asked for the sheets to be changed, he got told they will dry! !. My father gave me a clear description of this member of staff and also said  staff were vocal on the wards when discussing this member of staff.

But my main issue is that I  have this week learnt that whilst a nurse fourth attempt of  inserting a catheter and caused him to bleed in the process. He is now suffering with pain and discomfort and loss of bladder control. He has only just told me due to the embarrassment and is now having to have this new issue investigated.