"Distressing care during my labour, when I was only 15"

(as the patient),

I found myself pregnant at 15. My midwife judy at the GPs was great and really looked after me and so did the staff at my antenatal appointments at the hospital. The trouble started when i went into labour i was dilating, but i had very weak contractions, so they sent me home. The following evening, I went back as the contractions were stronger and I was still dilating I was 7cm. I was taken to a ward and my mum was told she could not stay. She pointed out that I was a minor, but the answer to that was, well she shouldn't be pregnant at 15 and she will be treated as an adult. My mum left before she exploded, as there was other pregnant women and babies.

Before she even left the car park, I had to ring her to say they were taking me to delivery and had to come back. My mum suggested that the midwide that had spoke to her earlier was not in delivery, but the rest of my labour was a nightmare. I never saw a midwife unless I pressed the buzzer, then when they came in it was like I was being a nuisance. They reduced me to tears and when I cried out in pain, 2 of them would laugh at me. They never noticed in my notes that I have dodgy blood, so just after delivery when i started to really bleed and they couldn't stop it. They got into a flap and saying I'd got to go to theatre, until my mum pointed out the big sticker on the first page of my notes. One injection and it was sorted.

I swore never again, but I'm pregnant again. I'm now 23 and I'm standing no messing this time. I've got a birth plan and I'm sticking to it and I'm not taking any ridicule or people ignoring me. If I had a choice I would avoid that hospital like the plague.

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