"Amazing treatment from all staff! While I had..."

About: The Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre

I have never had any sort of operation but the staff at this hospital made me feel extremely comfortable!

I am 20 years old and came in for surgery on both of my feet! I was completely nervous but From the moment I stepped into the treatment center I was put at ease!

When I first came in a gentleman took me up to the ward straight away and got me booked in! I was then shown to my room and given information about what time my operation would be and other information about how to use my crutches etc after my op!

When I was told to get changed into My gown I was given complete privacy and the nurse asked very clearly if it was okay to open the curtains before he came in which wasn’t very respectful!

While being taken up to surgery the nurse taking me up kept chatting to me as it was obvious I was a little bit nervous and I was asked over and over if I had any allergies and told what was happening to me which made me feel at ease and calm.

When I arrived in theatre it was rather cold and a nurse brought me a warm blanket to make sure I wasn’t okay!

Once on the operating bed the nurse and anaesthetic nurse kept me fully aware of what was happening and when I started to cry they made me feel fully safe and told me I was going to be okay which made me feel extremely relaxed and then I wasn’t off to sleep!

Once I had woke up the nurse was very understanding as I was slightly upset again! And reassured me I would be fine and when I needed some pain relief they gave it to me straight away!

Once back on the ward I was waited on hand and foot! Whenever I neeeded anything the nurses would come straight away! And I had an option of several meals for my dinner which was good I had shepherds pie which was actually nice! I was suppost to be a day case but turned into and overnight case and the nurses fully explained why they wanted me to stay and made sure I wasn’t completely comfy and relaxed throughout the night! Offering me drinks and food whenever I wanted any!

Then in the morning I was offered a choice of things to eat For breakfast and then the nurses went through after care and pain medication with me again so I fully understood and then I was taken to my partners car to go home!

I am extreamy satisfied with my care from all the staff at the treatment center! And would like to say a big Thankyou to them all as I came in very scared and unsure as to what was going to happen but I left feeling completely in the know and I would happily go back there for treatment again!

Finally A big Thankyou to the anaesthetic nurse and the other nurse in the operating theatre as you made me feel so at ease and comfortable before I went to sleep, I really appreciate it!!!

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