"Excellent treatment"

About: The Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre

Thursday 24th January 2019 admitted as day patient for shoulder surgery and in discussion with the Anaesthetist he told me of the side affect to do with a nerve block which could affect breathing and said it does not occur often so I was aware of this before going into surgery, in theatre the staff were fantastic and friendly and made one relax.

The surgery went well but unfortunately that condition caused by nerve blocker affected me so when I came out of a anaesthetic my breathing was affected and the Anaesthetist stayed by my side until my breathing became normal.

I was very impressed with the recovery team because at no time did I feel in danger as they tended to me with greatest of care and when they released to the ward to recover I felt in control again and my breathing was back to normal.

Overnight I was tended to by compassionate nursing staff and when I was released the following afternoon I was well on my way to getting better.

I would recommend to anyone who has to have any type of bone surgery to attend this hospital because the care you get is very professional and you are treated with compassion.

This is my third visit to the Treatment Centre for surgery and again very happy with all the Doctors and nursing staff so I say a very big thank you to all who tended me.

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