"two visits in a year - poor treatment of my mother"

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(as a relative),

Visited a&e with my mother in extrem pain, told she needed a kubscan, they say we will send you an appointment for on, 6 weeks later appointment comes, pain has now subsided. "We cannot see any kidney stones on the xray", nothing wrong with you...

About a year later, mother in pain again, took her to a&e they gave her morphine and a kubscan which showed nothing, the lovely young lady Dr said she needed a scan with contrast but they could not do it that night as her kidney function was to bad, with a drip for plenty of fluids she should be able to have the scan tomorrow.

Mum stayed the night in the CDU, i arrived next morning, she looked a little better she got out of her bed and sat with me on some chairs opposite, she said the was lumpy and on a slant sideways. Within 2 mins of her getting out of the bed, they changed it and put someone else in it. I thought this was disgraceful, she was in pain again they gave her pain meds through her drip, she could not lie down as they had given her bed away, without saying a word to us they just moved our belongings out and that was it.

We waited and waited for the scan, lunch came round for the patients, at 2pm i went to buy a sandwich, i was gone no longer than 15 mins, while i was gone a dr came to see my mother who is 74 years old and a little deaf she did not have her hearing aids with her. I arrived back and as i was walking along the corridor i heard my mother saying " I do not understand you, what are you saying, please wait for my daughter and tell her". I walked in and there was a dr telling us that she was being discharged, they would send an appointment for the scan, I said to the dr. "How would you fell if this was your mother or your parents" I said she was told this test was need and should be done today, he said i shall go ask again, he came back and then said they say no, this was the radiology departement saying no. He then said again we can send you an appointment for the scan, and give you medication for the pain, I said look at her she feels so ill she cannot even be bothered to argue with you. He then said do you want to see the consultant, so I said yes, he went off to get him, it took about 5 mins for the consultant to arrive and with no argument he just said we will do the scan now.

They did the scan at 3pm we waited until 9.30pm for the result.. I think this was a disgrace.The result shows my mother is ill and needs to see a kidney specialist. A whole year wasted.

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