"All staff do a fantastic job .........apart from a..."

About: Royal Preston Hospital

What I liked

really lovely friendly hospital

staff directed you in the right direction to Department of Neurophsiology

staff courteous and polite...(apart from general office see below!)

doctor and nurse made me feel at ease

Nice to see shops, really nice place

lovely hospital

Though very busy

What could be improved

Following my appointment in the department of clinical neurophsiology

I went to find the General cash Office to claim back travel expenses for my father-in-law as we had travelled from Kendal

Receptionist very unfriendly, unhelpful, not at all friendly or approachable at all

Explained I had just had an appointment and needed to claim travel expenses - unhelpful so

I had to ask for orange form to claim travel expenses for father-in-law - receptionist very very ruluctant to give any help or advise at all...

would not allow me to use phone, or indeed phone Jobcentreplus themselves for confirmation re; benefits on my behalf (which they kindly did @ Barrow for me and paid me there and then.),

eventhough I presented with letter from Jobcentreplus, which I was given for this reason! It didn't seem to be the right thing they needed. I was told to use the phone outside in the noisy foyer.

So with that they turned their back on me and went to sit at their desk and completely ingnored me... how rude!

I did use phone in noisy foyer, cleaners cleaning round my feet. The man from Jobcentreplus advised me to get pre-paid envelope again from cash office.

when I returned to general cash office there was a sign saying 'gone for lunch'

Please keep the general office manned at all times. Or at least put orange forms and prepaid envelpes where people can see them and help yourself.

My experience at Preston Hospital would have been perfect, apart from the receptionist in the General Office.

Preston Hospital...all your staff are curteous, helpful, friendly, more than happy to help.

Anything else?

Preston Hospital is a great Hospital but the receptionist in the General Cash Office is definately in the wrong job, I have never met anyone in such a position that would turn thier back, it is most rude and insulting to say the least.

I hope someone of higher authority has a word with them. They need to be told!

They completely ruined what was a bad enough experience and ordeal for me, as it was. Especially suffering form Severe Resistant Depression/anxiety, dual incontinence and worried I may have MS

Receptionist in General Office I didn't need that/ nor did I deserve your rudeness. You are there to help people, but you certainly did not help me!

I went away from Preston, crying, furious and most frustrated.

I hope I never meet you again

With grateful thanks to all the other memebers of staff, you are all a credit to Preston Hospital.

The receptionist may have been having an off day, but I have to say I did not deserve to be treated like that

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