"It was a very long day with little to no..."

About: Trafford General Hospital

What I liked

Finally getting home after a wait of 9 hours!

Chairs in waiting room very comfy, even when sitting in it for 6 hours!!

The actual surgery i had went well, it was just the lack of information before hand and the lack of after care i received which is the reason why i clicked that i would not recommend this hospital.

What could be improved

Better communication between day and night staff. When night staff took over from day staff they did not have a clue what progress i had made, or what level of care i was at. I was told by a doctor i could leave between 8-9Pm, but it seemed the nurses were not aware of this.

I had done the things i was told i must do before leaving (eat and pass water) i then told the nurse i had done these things and then never saw her again.

Approx 30 minutes later, i found out the day staff had finished their shift and gone home, so i told the night shift nurse (this being the 2nd person i told) i had eaten and passed water and asked when could i go home, and she said " Go home now if u want".

I then asked, do i not need to be signed out by a doctor, she said "No, just go". So i then got dressed and went home, leaving with no discharge notes or after care sheet, or indeed sick note which i still need to pass on to work.

Anything else?

We were told to arrive at the hospital for my appointment at 7:30Am. I was admitted within 15 minutes of arriving and received a bracelet with my name and DOB on. I was then told to wait in the waiting room/ 'Lounge'. By 11:00 AM i had still not heard anything regarding when i would be seen to. Nobody had even spoken to me during these 4 hours of waiting! A nurse came into the waiting room to collect other patients to be seen, she then asked what was i here waiting for. I said "To go in" she said, oh, it wont be long now. At approx 12:45, a further 1 and 3 quarter hours of waiting, a nurse came and told me my bed was currently being made for me and would not be long. She then visited again and told us that it is lunches now so you should wait here until they are finished. She then came to collect me to go on the ward at 1Pm. A full 5 and a half hours after arriving at a scheduled appointment. I then waited in my bed on the ward for a further 3 hours until i was finally taken to have my surgery.

Whilst i appreciate Hospitals are busy, and i was told there would be a wait, it was the fact that i received no information and was not reassured that things were in order, and felt that i was forgotten about. Please bear in mind, i had not eaten since 5pm the previous evening, and not drank since approx 10pm the evening before. When i got taken to have my surgery, i was told as it is this late, i could have actually had a drink. But nurses failed to inform me of this.

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