"Day-time staffing was excellent but the night..."

About: St Helier Hospital

What I liked

The day-time nursing staff were, in most cases, exceptionally good especially the Ward Management (Frank Dees Ward.) The food was very good, plentiful and wholesome with many good choices. Privacy was respected and I felt I was in good hands. 10/10 for the day staff.

What could be improved

The night nursing staff on the other-hand I felt the complete opposite! The first night there (Thursday 1st March) the night nursing staff chatted away to each other virtually all night long; I'm hard-of-hearing and found it too loud for me to get to sleep.

The second night, after my operation they were totally indiferent to my worries or needs. One of my legs had gone numb after the operation and I called a nurse to ask if it was normal and she said something so quietly I couldn't hear. I found my hearing-aids and called the Staff Nurse to ask again if it was normal, she ignored me and asked the other nurse to come back and tell me what she'd said before. Apparently, she'd said, 'Just sit on the side of the bed.' I was looking for re-assurance that it was normal but I got nothing; no interest in what I'd asked and no interest in me.

Later the same night I needed to go to the loo and on the way back, passing the desk where two staff were sitting I said, 'My right leg is still numb, is this normal?' The male nurse looked at me blankly but the Staff Nurse couldn't even be bothered to look up from the electronic phone/toy she was fiddling with. 0/10 for the night staff.

Anything else?

They took six hours after my own tablets had been taken down to them to get them back to me and what they gave me was 100% wrong.

Firstly, they'd thrown away my bottle which I use for decanting the packet tablets into once a month which makes it easy for me to use my own tablets - how dare they throw away my property!

The prescriptions they supplied were totally unnecessary and waste of NHS resources; I have full prescriptions of all the items I use at home; I didn't need more.

However, the pharmacy prescription said Esomeprazole 20mg tablets twice a day - they supplied 40mg twice a day. I didn't notice these were 40mg until I came home.

The pharmacy prescription said, Terazosin tablets 5mg once a day - they supplied Terazosin 2mg tablets. Totally useless so I refused them.

Bearing in mind that they are supplying at least 14 days supply they supplied just 12 Gabapentin to be used twice a day. 12/2 = 6 days useage.

Concidering drugs are supposed to be securely dispensed with strict controls.

0/10 for the pharmacy too

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