"comunication between family dr and specialist in ceredigion wales."

About: Ceredigion Lhb West Wales General Hospital / General Surgery

(as a relative),

my husband had a bronchoscopy at the beginning of January this year,we had to travel 30 miles to carmarthen hospital (West Wales General Hospital) as we live in cardigan, and 1 days later we had to travel back up to carmarthen to see the specialist about the result, he informed us that my husband had cancer,being as we had to rely on NHS transport we then had to wait in the waiting room you can imagine how upset we were feeling we had to wait over an hour in the packed waiting room for the transport to take us home.

Now surely the specialist could have told my husbands doctor who could have arranged to tell us the bad news in our own home or at least in our local surgery. Sadly my husband died on the at the beginning of February and we went to his funeral 5 days later, but as soon as I had taken my coat off after being at the funeral I recieved a phonecall from the hospital offering my husband another appointment, another case of bad comunication when my hubbies gp could easily have arranged to have the specialist told of my husbands death. I mean come on the drs and specialists have secretaries they could have used to pass on this inormation, to say I was upset would be the unerstatement of the year. I call it absolutely disgusting, what on earth happened to the caring profession.

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