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"Rules and bureacracy get in the way of healthcare!..."

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Tried to book an appointment for chest X-Ray . Was told first available appointment was one week and a day later. I could be dead by then - no sense of urgency, and they said there was nothing they could do. Ended up giving up and decided I would travel the extra 10 miles to go to Weybridge Walk in Centre where I could be seen without an appointment. Appointments are a waste of time anyway, because patients always have to wait for up to an hour and often longer passed their appointment time to be seen. Its a fact of life at Woking Hospital. And the staff are always grumpy and miserable and it always seems an effort to them that you've turned up and runied their day, especially the receptionist in the Walk in Centre. And whilst I'm here having a moan - turned up one day at Walk in Centre. Nurse said I would need to see out of hours doctor, but instead of being able to see the person who was sitting in a room less than 10 feet away, I was told I had to ring in and make an appointment. Why couldn't I just be directly referred? No common sense and completely backwards.

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