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"The worst health care experience in 50 years"

About: Bmi - The London Independent Hospital

What I liked

Nothing at all

What could be improved

Nursing Care. It should be done by professional. They had only 2 professional nurse

Anything else?

I have been forced to go through a heart operation in this hospital, as the other hospitals that my consultant can operate is not accepted by my health insurance company. The operation was on the 28th of December.

I had a call from the hospital to go there for pre-operation checks on Friday 23 of December. The check involved, blood test, ECG and chest X-Ray.

I was received by a nurse to do the blood test first. This is not my first blood test. I have done blood tests for years. This nurse had no idea about how to get a blood sample. They tried the needle in my arm first and failed miserably. So they called a Dr to come and help. The Dr who arrived, was not much better. They put the needle through a vein on the back of my hand where there is not enough pressure to give enough blood. After a few attempts, they have managed to get enough blood for the various tests. This took around 45 minutes. My previous experience with blood test in any NHS hospitals, time wise, never been more than 5 minutes top and always successful with the first attempt.

I went back for my operation next Wednesday, hoping to have a better experience. After all this is a totally private place and suppose to have the best care according to their glossy brochures.

Unfortunately in the operating theatre things got worth. The same nurse who struggled to take blood sample Friday before, now in the operating theatre given the same responsibility (blood test and control). They called a Dr to do the piercing of the hole in my arm. This Dr, used no gloves and did not even bother to wash his hand. Half heartedly they attempted quickly sticking a needle into my arms all the time trying to pass back the responsibility to the inexperience nurse who was refusing to accept it.

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