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"Degrading embarrassing humiliating painful ."

About: Hereford County Hospital

What I liked

I went into hospital from Wales having a copd attack, the stuff were terrable . The admission staff said I had a bed but each time a new person came in they Councilled my bed the new people were all English . The aberlance driver noticed this and went and said something then I was offered a bed by very grumpy staff. Once in there the treated me like I was a pain from the moment I got there. The nurse were rude the doctors just seemed to sit around for hours doing nothing . I asked to go to the toilet as I had wet myself, I have incontinence the nurse shouted on he top of her voice , oh are you saying you have wet your self , (well embarrassing ) I said yes , then I was asked did I have anything to change into I said no it was an emergancy I thought I was dying the last thing I thought of was pads , well we don't give them out anymore . So I said ok can you take me to the loo as I can't breath she said yes I managed to stuff a loo roll round and round and se that but t was all in vain next cough I wet again to embarrassed to ask again for help so I sat in my wee for over 17 hours . As the night went on the nurses got worse . I then went up to a ward admissions , what a terrable place . You are like sardines in a can and treated like sheep , having copd and both lungs tuck to my rib cage I can not lie flat ad need at least three pillows to be able to be comfortable to sleep or rest . They said no only one pillow , so no seep for me , made my pain worse made my cough worse made me wee more , started crying wanted to die . Consultant comes round and tells me off for being here , why dident I go to a welsh hospital after I told her I can't rest with one flat pillow it hurts to much . The lady next to me had 5 and one was on the floor I asked for the one on the floor and told no someone eles is waiting or it , I was to sick with no breath to argue .

What could be improved

Get rid of nurses that have no compassion or understanding of copd . Let the staff no that Powys has given them a contract to serve the people of Powys without this they would not have a hospital . I was treated badly because I came from Wales and it was not the first time the driver had had a go at them . One pillow is no good for us with copd , we can't breath . Help with washing and changing is needed so we re not sitting in our own pee for hours on end.

Anything else?

I will never ever go back to that hospital as long as I live it made me worse not better . I would rather die with dignity then go back here . I have suffered the worst depression ever since being there , to afraid to say anything about how there treatment of me was inhuman. My GP is in shock over this . I no the NHS has no money understaffed etc and don't expect the best treatment but mine was terrable , the lady in the next bed flt so bad for me she gave me a pillow and it was taken from me for someone eles that reson we later found out in the bed over fom me was English . They have a real problem with he welsh people yet if it was not fr us they would be in real trouble . They need to know they get alot f money for taking us , they hold have told the Powys council that stupidly pay them what treatment we would get , I wish all copd people new of Ths complaints feedback as I'm nt the only one to be treated like this so it won't be long before something is done about it I'm sure .

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Response from Hereford County Hospital

We are sorry to read of your experience and would welcome an opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please could you contact the Patient Experience Team on 01432 372986

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