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"My brothers stay!"

My disabled brother was an inpatient within the neuro department of st georges recently and myself and my family would just like to say a massive thank you to them!

The staff are amazing and treated him with such dignity, care and respect.

The Neuro ITU staff where amazing even when we were really emotional and unable to register what was being said to us, they took the time to talk about my brother, what his likes and dislikes were and what his normal day to day living was like. Asking about his siblings and it made us feel comfortable being able to leave him in there care. The staff for those days were so kind. While we waited for my brother to come out of theatre in the early hours of Monday morning the Nurse in Charge kept coming out and offering us tea and coffee, as well as keeping us updated on what would happen when it come for my brother to come out of theatre to even just asking us if we were ok. He then took the time to explain what would happen afterwards (him being extubated), he even persuaded us to go home for a few hours and gave us every confidence in his team.

McKissock ward- this is where my brother was transferred to after his stay on ITU. The charge nurse on 30/10 was lovely; she came and spoke with us in regards to what was going to happen when my brother was moved to the ward. My brother was first moved into a Bay but she soon had a side room available so that his mum could stay with him. She made the transition from ITU to the ward easy. The Nurses that my brother had up until his discharge where also amazing.

I myself work within Kingston Hospital and am thankful to have been able to witness first-hand the caring staff that you have.

We can’t thank the Neuro ITU & McKissock ward enough for the kindness they showed to my brother, they also showed us that no matter his disability that they were going to treat him as an individual and to us that tops everything!

So thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing because you are AMAZING!

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