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"Disrespectful patronising specialist."

About: University Hospital (Coventry)

What I liked

Looked reasonably clean, nurses were OK.

What could be improved

I went to this hospital to get a diagnosis for endometriosis. The consultant gave me the diagnosis but was patronising, unpleasant, and unhelpful with coming up with ways to treat the pain I was in. He seemed to find my living arrangements amusing, and implied in front of me to another member of staff doing work experience there that I was an ignorant fool. He did not seem to be up to date on research in the area and rubbished questions I asked about research papers I had read. He seemed to be unable to comprehend that I was not interested in becoming pregnant then or in the future and that relief of pain was of greatest importance to me, and was utterly dismissive in this respect. In all I felt as though I was treated not as a person who did not wish to be in pain, but as some mindless biological sack for gestating foetuses in.

The car parking is also extortionate.

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