"Attitude to my children stopped me getting help with my hearing aid"

About: East Sussex Downs and Weald PCT

(as the patient),

I am a hearing aid user and as such need to go regularly for checks and repairs. On one occasion I phoned the clinic to ask for an appointment for a repair and was told I could just drop in - when I turned up I was asked when my appointment was and was met with what I thought was very stroppy *sigh - just sit down then*. I had my two youngest children (2 and 5 years old) and for the first 45 minutes we played really well - bearing in mind there were NO toys or books for them to read - there was no one else waiting and so after an hour I decided that they could walk round and round the chairs. They were being really quiet and then when an elderly couple came in I told them to just walk half way so as not to annoy the couple. I was seen in an hour and 15 minutes total and went on my way. On my next visit I was called in by the Audiologist and referred to as THAT woman with THOSE children in what I felt was a VERY offhand manner and I felt awful! My children are lovely and are very well behaved. The fact that nothing was mentioned by anyone - no complaint on the day and noting said by staff or the couple - I felt everything was fine. The fact is they were not mis-behaving (and I know some children can get very bored in these places) I was very happy with their behaviour. This stopped me from going - as I could only go to the repair clinic with the children and felt that I was being looked at in a certain way. I have been in since and tried to get my aid repaired as it was so corroded and fell apart and was told it would cost me £50 to repair as I hadn't been in 3 years - I literally cried in the car outside as I felt if the man hadn't of been so horrid that I would have resumed regular visits. I have emailed the trust since but they said that as I hadn't made a complaint in a certain time scale there was nothing further to be done. I am a CSW for Deaf students and the lack of my hearing aid affects my work. I cant hear properly and am constantly asking the tutors/students to repeat themselves.

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