"How would you like to be called today?"

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(as a staff member),

I am a trainee nurse and come from a different background and different culture from european country. I have been taught during my training to fully admit patient in hospital. In our admission, we ask patient their first name as well as how would you like to be known as. Some patient give a nickname, some other give their first name or a pseudonym...That what is about promoting patient choice and making them individualised.

However, throughout my training, I came across qualified nurses from different country and background ending up using the same English old fashion way to call a patient: my love, darling, dude, mate, honey, petal, sweet heart...

I was just wondering when patient will voice their concerns (if there are any) about the way nurses address them. I personally found this patronising and diminishing. In my country some of these terms would be deemed to be inappropriate and unprofessional as they undermine a close relationship with patients like if they were family. There are some distances to take with patient and treat them as individual the way they have chosen to be talk to, not the way is convenient for nurses to. Please, if you have any concern post them here, I would love to collect them all and make changes where they need to be made.

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